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Loneliness and social isolation among the general population is swiftly becoming a pandemic of its own during this period of huge uncertainty. During a time when human contact is limited, healthcare practitioners are looking for new and innovative methods of engaging those struggling during these times. In this blog, we’re looking at how social robots can be a solution that will combat loneliness, and provide value beyond the post-COVID era.

The loneliness pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused shockwaves across the world due to the lockdowns and imposed restrictions on life as we knew it. At the time of writing in October 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) states there have been nearly 36 million cases, resulting in over 1 million deaths. The fight in the immediacy is to slow the spread of the virus, however there is another major problem that healthcare practitioners are battling, that cannot be cured with a vaccine: social isolation.

Can social robots combat loneliness?

Social robots have an unrealized potential to influence the way we combat social isolation today. An area where innovation is in dire need, where human resources are lacking and technological solutions do not meet the bar, the healthcare & wellness industry is searching for a safe, reliable and scalable way to mitigate these issues. And we believe social robots, and the Furhat robot in particular, can be that tool due to the following benefits:

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